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Floating Villages and Nighttime Muggings – Siem Reap and Tonle Sap

Hey guys
I am in BKK and David just left. Shir took off yesterday so I am all alone for the first time! Last time I wrote We had just been to Angkor Wat. Right now I am just killing time until my flight The floating villages on the Tonle Sap tomorrow morning and hope that everything goes well, as I have little money left and no means of getting any, but it will be fine!

Tonle Sap´s floating villages and floating forest

The last day in Cambodia was really cool. We went to the floating village, which is basically a proper fishing village with temple, school, shops, everything, but built entirely on the water. People get around with their wooden boats and it´s very nice to drive through it. Also we took a smaller boat and a mother with her daughter drove us through a forest, which is like normal jungle but flooded.

Another view of the floating villages A proper prostitutes´ mugging

When we came back we got to know lots of people and decided to go out and that´s when the night turned ugly! We went out and I didn’t really like it and we had a night bus to Bangkok at 2am. So I took off around midnight and had to walk back 15 minutes to the guesthouse, and the last 400m through a pretty dark alley. I saw these 5 prostitutes standing on a corner and one of them started to walk towards me. I just ignored her standard bullshitting and passed her. She followed me, I speeded up, and she ran up to me, grabbed me from behind. I shook her away and told her to fuck off, but before I could start moving again the other 4 had surrounded me and they literally took hold of my body, legs and arms and Heading back to Bangkok held me there.
Then I realised they were opening my backpack and grabbing into my pockets. I started kicking and punching around me as strong as I could and yelling at them in German and ran off. They didn’t get anything, I reacted very quickly and was not drunk, but it was quite a shock. That was the last thing I experienced in Cambodia basically, but those 5 stupid criminals are not changing my picture of this country, as all the other people we met were just soooo nice. Even when you didn’t want what they sold, they just smiled and kept on talking to you.

Our last days in Asia

After a classic overnight trip across the border and a lot of hassle at immigration, we arrived at the last stage of our trip: good old Bangkok. The last two days we have been shopping all day! We went to this huge mall in Bangkok (MBK) and bought everything, from electronics, clothes, food, souvenirs, everything! I hate shopping, I never buy anything, but here it’s just so much more fun. It’s very cheap and you haggle for everything! Top stuff!
Sushi feast! Ah and today I went picking up my suit! I had my 3rd and last fitting yesterday and the feeling today when I put on the final suit, boaaaah! A tailored suit is something veryyyy nice! Totally worth it.

A trip that changed me

I can’t believe that tomorrow at this time I will be landing in Munich. It has been such a long time that many unusual things have become normal, such as sleeping in a boiling stinking room with the sound of a fan (hopefully), or sharing bathrooms and toilets with many other people, or eating on the streets, or journeys lasting days. I just can’t imagine being at home again, with all the comforts it entails. And the food, Bavarian roasts, my father’s incredible feasts, mamma´s pastasciutta, awwwwww! Although I don’t know how my body will take it, I mean my digestion. It’s not used to more than 50g of meat a day anymore and the lack of rice will have some consequences, but still, I can’t wait! And in only 2 weeks I am finally back in London again, good stuff!
This trip has been incredible. All the places I have been to, the spirituality I have encountered at Golden Temple in Amritsar, the food I have eaten on Luang Prabang´s night markets, the situations I have been confronted with such as the involuntary drug run in the Four Thousand Islands and especially the people I have met have changed me and my view of the world. You just learn a lot not only about other countries and people, but about yourself when you are travelling like this for such a long period of time. I think that I got really patient and don’t bother about many occurrences anymore, you just stop doing that as many things happen when travelling which you can’t change and I hope I will take this with me to Europe.
But now it’s time to say goodbye Asia, I will be back very soon!
Savadikap guys


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