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Drugs, booze and sex – Koh Phi Phi

Hey guys

I should be sitting in an internet cafe in Bangkok and waiting for David´s arrival, but no, we are back to hell on earth, Patong town, Phuket. A series of stupid and unfortunate events has brought us here, but to that later.

An interesting mix of cultures

First to Koh Phi Phi, where we had a good time, although different from what we thought beforehand. Last time I wrote Yassin was still feeling horrible, I got him his antibiotics and he spend the entire day in bed sleeping. Koh Phi Phi did not give us a warm welcome. I met a few guys from London, one of them had lived on Phi Phi for half a year before and The beautiful beaches of Koh Phi Phi knew the island really well.

Phi Phi is probably the richest place in Thailand as the inhabitants are mostly foreigners. The Thais do not adapt or reject the western culture; they kind of built a subculture which is very peculiar and interesting. They continue living in their way, but go partying like westerners and own iPads, iPhones and so on. But they do not just try to rip you off like here in Phuket but just intermingle with the foreigners. On the other hand thousands of foreigners get stuck every month on Phi Phi and it´s understandable why. If you are there for a week or less you can hand out flyers for a few hours in the evening and then have free drinks all night and finance your partying. If you are there longer you can work for a club. Every club has an army of around 30 foreigners who are paid every night to do just one thing: party. They get accommodation, free drinks and a little bit of money to party, nothing else. Some of them get stuck and do this for ever because you don’t have any additional costs, and well you are on Phi Phi, a beautiful island. I could not even imagine doing that, because it lacks any ambition in life, but for some people I met, who had a meaningless life at home and now are kind of part of something and just feel at ease and don’t even pay a cent for it, it’s very understandable.

The impact of young Western tourists

These foreigners constitute maybe a quarter of the foreigners, and the rest, English English English. They come here in groups of 2 to 6 either girls or boys, Buckets in every imaginable seize always looking for just one thing: sex. Yassin and I just sat there watching those people partying. It’s crazy; there is no other word for it. I mean I know it from back home in London, but here it’s crazier. Alcohol doesn’t cost anything and anybody can imagine what this means. When I walked home at night I saw at least 5 girls who were not able to walk, alone, in the dark. They were nearly unconscious. I wanted to help them, but one they didn’t react and two starting to talk to a wasted girl in a dark alleyway as a guy makes you suspicious as well.

The next day I talked to a Thai and he told me the following story that had happened the night before: English girl walking home with her boyfriend. Boyfriend very drunk, she was wasted as well. A Burmese (whether he was Burmese is doubtful, but I guess they are the scapegoats here) guy started talking to them and helping them to find their way home. Once there he pushed the boyfriend into the toilet, who fell down and was too drunk to get up again, and then he raped the girl. I mean this is just soo sad, and wrong, but this type of English tourists are attracting these crimes. They do not get drunk; A sunset from the beach they get wasted in a manner you can’t imagine.

Phi Phi´s bright side

Apart of these upsetting and horrible stories Phi Phi is really nice because all clubs are on the beach, and the dance floor goes into the sandy shallow water and you can party while being in the water. The music is mostly English, so nice dub step, dnb and uni-clubs music. The alcohol is very cheap, but we Breath-taking colors of a sunset on Phi Phi couldn’t touch it because of our diarrhea. It’s just very chilled to hang out in these clubs during the day, as they are opened 24/7. Go swimming, drink a nice coconut, eat good Thai food and wait for the evening to come.

We also heard something that explains a lot of the Phuket night. They told us that in the red bull they sell here they have fragments of amphetamines. We obviously did not know that, I mean it´s red bull, we thought we knew it. And in that night in Phuket we drank more than just a few red bulls and the whole night when thinking about it seems just weird, different somehow. We both think that is was that shitty red bull now but we don’t know, it’s just a thought.

Coming back to Phi Phi, Yassin felt better the next day and we decided to spend a nice day on the beach. Bought fruit, which is amaazing in Thailand, the bananas, the mangos, the pineapples everything just sooo sweet and good. we chilled down in our favorite bay and stayed there the entire day, drinking coconuts, eating fruit, going swimming, watching the incredible sunset and walking home through the shallow low tide sea in the dark. That was a really nice day.

FC Bayern Munich kicks off the season

We went to the clubs, but just sat there on the side and watched the people as we were both too tired to dance. But the main attraction of the evening was coming up: FC Bayern Munich´s first game of the season, German cup, first round against Eintracht Braunschweig, second German league. It was at 1.30am Thai time and after looking for ages we actually found a pub which had a channel showing it, but those bastards had to close at half time, so we saw only the first 45 minutes, 2 – 0 for Bayern, two penalties, Super Mario (Mario “Torero” Gomez) and Schweini (Bastian Schweinsteiger), both caused by Thomas Mueller, great game. It ended 3 – 0 for Bayern and we can’t wait for the next game, Sunday afternoon.

Unfortunately the next day I realized that my diarrhea still persisted even after 5 days and although not as strong as Yassin´s, I have to take antibiotics. These are very effective, but sooo strong. I never take that stuff at home and my body can´t cope that well with it. I get many side effects such as headache and a sore throat, but there is no way around it, I have bacteria which needs to be killed.

Chilling with Brazilians

We decided to have a chilled last day at our favorite club, the Stones Bar and chilled there the entire day. We met an Argentinian guy from Cordoba (Melanie he told me everything about Cordoba’s Oktoberfest and how it is the biggest in Argentina) and two guys from Brazil. And now the big one: one of Our favourite bar - the hippish Stones Bar the guys knows Rafinha!!! Rafinha is the new right back of Bayern Munich, we saw him play the night before. He is Brazilian and played for Genua in Italy and now we bought him for 5millions. He told us that when Rafinha was 15 he came to his home town and played there for years and he knew him very well and told us how he didn’t have any money at the beginning and how he came to Germany the first time, and then Italy, where he was so happy about the girls and the people and how he was chatting with him on Facebook after he got the news from Bayern Munich. Apparently he was so excited about it and basically a dream came true for him. It´s just crazy to meet a person who knows the new player of your team. But apparently Rafinha is mental and has nothing in his head but partying whenever he has a spare minute and spends all his money on parties and women, well we will see, I liked him in his first game.

Praising Asian toilets

After this we talked to those very cool guys for ages, played lots of pool and just chilled. Diarrhea was still persistent in both of us but at this point I have to write a little praise on the toilets in Asia and especially in Thailand. We haven’t used a piece of toilet paper in a week; I mean toilet paper as such is overrated. They have these tubes in every toilet. If you press the handle they shoot out high speed water. And after you are finished you use these to clean up, then because of the heat it dries in a few seconds and you are sorted. I mean imagine our situation with up to 50 runs a day with toilet paper and spicy food. That would have killed even the roughest person! But here, even after a week of diarrhea, nothing in that regard! They do not have toilet paper as it would stuck the toilets, if you really need to use it you have to put it in a basket next to the toilet. But for them it´s very incomprehensible to use it as you basically touch your arse, and to be honest they have a point. I just want to say that these toilets are way more modern and hygienic than ours and I will have such a bad boy installed in my first own toilet, that´s for sure! Another side effect of the diarrhea is that we lost quite a lot of weight, I mean in India as well. Both Yassin and I at least 7kgs each, but I guess that’s good, so I can get ready for the meat I will eat in the winter!

Phuket´s organised crime

Well then in the morning we had to take the ferry back to Phuket, hell on earth! The plan was to go to the consulate, sort things out, go to the airport and take a flight to BKK, but you know what I told you about plans, they are made but never work!

It already started on the ferry. The people from Phuket are not like the rest of Thailand. When they know you don’t have a choice they build a criminal organization which dictates prices and conditions, and this is not just my feeling but its reality. Applied to the ferry it means, they know you are stuck there for two hours, they know you have to stay on it, they treat you like shit. I experienced that last year on my trip to Thailand and I told Yassin about it, and when we boarded it started, they started shouting at some random tourists, harassing them, telling them they would kill them and so on. Bad stuff. When we got to Phuket itself the next mafia appeared, the taxi mafia. We spoke to the German consul about it and he told us as well how they basically prevent any public transport system to develop and threaten everyone who even just offers a hitchhiker to give him a ride. They are a mafia, and dictate prices. You as a tourist have to take there means of transport that they offer, as you don’t have a choice. They treat you horribly and ask lots and lots of money for it. I even heard stories of tourists being beaten up by them and as they even have their people in the police no chance to do anything about it. You just have to shut up and pay.

Pure stupidity

Concerning myself this is what they told me at the consulate: I will definitely get a German passport valid for one year with which I can travel to the other states. It costs around 60 euro (I am just losing so much money, it has to stop but I don’t have a choice), I have to apply in BKK and it takes a week or This is all we could afford in Phuket Airport - one portion of plain rice with salt, plus two forks something. this is good news and I will go to the embassy tomorrow and then have to come back from wherever I am in a week to pick it up, which is a pain in the arse but it´s ok, I can continue travelling.

Then we took a cab to the airport, completely overpriced of course and arrived there at 1pm. Our flight was at 12pm. So 11 hours in Phuket airport. Horrible, especially because we didn’t have any money anymore, Yassin can’t get any cash and I don’t have my cards, good that David is coming. We are living off bananas, plain rice and water. So we waited there for hours and then when we tried to check in at 10pm they told us the flight was yesterday!!! Argh!!! Not again! I haven’t missed a flight in my life and now 2 in 7 days. I mean Yassin checked the mails 2 days before but to be honest in the physical condition we are in at the moment I am not even surprised! It´s just messed up because it means one more day in hell!

One more night in horrible Patong

So we took another mafia cab back to the one place I didn’t want to visit again in my life, Patong, the place where we got stolen everything. This time we thought of going straight to the quite nice hostel we had seen last time and not go out of it until the morning, but even here, even in the hostel you are not safe. Apart of the brothel downstairs we found out that the women running the hostel are all whores, and are trying to touch you and everything all of the time. We are just disgusted by all this prostitution and isolated ourselves.

Then at night, (we are in a dorm with 10 people, most of them English), some English guys and girls just started having sex on the bunk beds. It was a couple but then they started kind of sharing the girl, absolutely disgusting and horrible. Not even there you are safe! It´s just sick, this place is hell, every person coming here knowing what to expect is either crazy or a pervert. I want to get out of here! I am sitting in an internet cafe now and our 14 hour bus to BKK is leaving soon, thank god. We just both hope that with the arrival of David a new period will begin, and we will feel better physically, get a grip on that diarrhea and start enjoying the trip to the full extent again, because at the moment too much crap is happening daily, some of it is our fault, but I am convinced that if you are in a place like Patong, bad things just happen. Well you will hear from me soon, hopefully from a nice secluded island on the east of Thailand, after a nice diving session, we will see.

Savadikap guys


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